A tour round The Limes

A tour round the Limes in May 2013, Eliza Tinsley's former home in Caholic Lane Sedgley, prior to the completion of its conversion into flats.

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Approach from Coronation Gardens Front door Concrete staircase
Hall Doors to former dining room Former drawing room/Sedgfley UDC rent office
Former breakfast room A kitchen Living room rear ground floor
Living room rear ground floor 2 Ground floor bathroom Looking down stairs to vestibule
The tower room (Belvedere) 1 The tower room (Belvedere) 2 The tower room (Belvedere) 3
Belvedere room Rooftop view from the belvedere 2 Catholic Lane from the Belvedere
Tinsley House from the Belvedere Staircase to the belvedere First floor flat (front) living room
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