Heritage Open Day Sept 2013

Photos of displays and artefacts/documents brought in by attendees.

There are 27 photos for this gallery.
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Baptism Certificate signed by Trevor Kilborn 1941 Maureen Jones with her baptism certificate 1941 Karen Burton with 1935 Sunday School presentation book
Beatrice Cox Sunday School presentation flyleaf 1935 Karen with book presented by Harold Marley 'Beatice Cox' Sunday School presentation flyleaf 1935 presented by Revd Harold Marley
'The Basket of Flowers' presentation Sunday School Book 1935 Maureen Jones baptism certificate 1941 signed by Revd Trevor Kilborn Maureen with her baptism certificate 1941
1916 Sunday School presentation book signed by Swindell The Namesake of the KIng presented to Lesley Cawell The label inside THe Namesake of the King presented in 1917
Two Shipmates Two Shipmates book signed by William Sargeant and teacher Evelyn Hartill Pillows and Prayers 1952
Extract from Pillows and Prayers Cover of Pillows and Prayers Lady with Pillows cand Prayers and Two Shipmates
A marriage from 1856, mentioing Revd William Lewis. Lady with marriage certificate 1856 with Lewis memorial Information on the Camm windows and the Fellows family
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