Morville Flower Festival

The Flower Festival held at St Gregory the Great church in Morville near Bridgnorth from 3rd-5th May 2014. It was on the theme of Great British Books.

There are 14 photos for this gallery.
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Gay Bream Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Setsuko Watanube and Anne Flint NUFAS Emerald Celebrations by Elizabeth Bacon
Treasure Island by Morville Sunday School The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe by Sue Munslow Wuthering Heights by Maureen Fullwood
Pride and Prejudice by Elizabeth Bacon The Jungle Book by Pam Fellows Oliver Twist by Nigel Whyles and Jan Robinson
Peter Rabbit  by Charles Owen inspired by Chelsea Alice in Wonderland by Kath Turner Great Expectations by Morville WI
The Secret Garden by Katie - Floristry at Tea and Roses St Gregory the Great Morville