Jamie and Zhu Apperley Wedding

Jamie and Zhu Apperley's wedding on 23rd January 2016.

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1 Jamie and his best man await the bride's arrival. 2 The church fills with family and well-wishers 3 Jamie and best man await the bride.
4 The congregation awaits the arrival of the bride. 5 Zhu arrives in her limousine. 6 Zhu is given away by Jamie's father.
7 Zhu with Stephen and Jamie's dad. 8 Stephen leads Zhu and Jamie's dad into church. 9 Jamie and Zhu are seated. The best man and Jamie's dad look on.
10 Stephen begins the marriage ceremony. 11. The couple hold hands. 12 The couple listen to Stephen.
13 The couple move to the Lady Chapel to  sign the register. 14 The best man and Jamie's brother witnessed the marriage. 15 Zhu signs the marriage register.
16 Jamie's best man witnesses the wedding. 17 Jamie and Zhu in the Lady Chapel after signing the register. 18 Best man and Jamie's family in the Lady Chapel.
19 The family with Stephen after signing of the registers. 20 Married! 21 Process down the aisle - married!
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