E II R 90 Day 3

The final day of All Saints' Open Weekend hosted an Interfaith Service, attended by the Mayor of Dudley representing the Muslim Community, and Rajesh Patel representing the Hindi Community in Dudley. The service was led by Revd Canon Andrew Wickens, of Dudley Interfaith Network.

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Revd Canon Andrew Wickens with Church Warden Keith Tomlinson, Rajesh Patel of Dudley's Hindu community and a visitor from India. Linda Watkins with memoirs of  Les Pugh the verger at All Saints' in the 1960s. Dignitaries and representatives of Dudley's faith community arrive.
Fair Trade stall at the service. All Saints' sidespersons. Church Wardens Jane Hartshorne and Keith Tomlinson.
All Saints' Altar Servers. Dignitaries process down the aisle to the front of church. The Churchwardens lead the procession followed by Revd Canon Andrew Wickens.
Revd Canon Andrew Wickens with the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands and his wife, and the Mayor of Dudley and his wife. The Mayor of Dudley and his wife. Dignitaries take their seats.
Altar Servers and Choir process down the aisle. The Choir members past and present process down the aisle. Revd Canon Andrew Wickens.
Church Warden Keith Tomlinson welcomes dignitaries and guests to the Interfaith service. Church Warden Keith Tomlinson addresses the congregation. Richard Boot, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands speaks - he was present representing Her Majesty the Queen.
Rajesh Patel represented Dudley's Hindu community. Revd Canon Andrew Wickens, chair of Dudley's Interfaith Network. The Mayor of Dudley Cllr Mohammed Hanif represented the Borough of Dudley and Dudley's Muslim Community.
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