Floral arrangements/banners

Various flower arrangement representing the decades of Her Majesty's life - and display banners.

There are 14 photos for this gallery.
1920s arrangement by St Peter's Upper Gornal. 1930s arrangement by Margaret Woodhall, All Saints' Flower Arrangers. 1940s arrangement on an RAF theme, by Rosemary Moss, All Saints' Flower arrangers.
2000s arrangement by Poppy's Florists Sedgley. 2010s arrangement by Jonathan Williams on an 'Olympics 2012-London' theme. 1950 arrangement by Poppy's Florists of Mill Bank Sedgley.
1960s arrangement by Jenny Lavender and Linda Watkins. 1970s arrangement by Poppy's Florists of Mill Bank Sedgley. 1980s: Becky Hill's recreation of Princess Di's wedding bouquet, July 29th, 1981.
1990s - the Windsor Castle fire of 1992 - the Annus Horribilis.  A Queen's Silver Jubilee banner  from 1977. A photo of the Queen on one of the church pillars.
Margaret Woodhall's altar arrangement. Rosemary Moss's porch arrangement with purple crown greeted visitors on this special weekend.