Vicars of Sedgley

A photo gallery of the vicars of All Saints' Sedgley. Unfortunately this is very much incomplete. We are doing our best to find images and information about the missing vicars .

There are 13 photos for this gallery.
Revd William Sargeant, 1946-57 Revd Stanley Lloyd, 1957-70 Revd John Linford, 1970-78
Revd Peter Ashby, 1993-99 Revd Stephen Buckley, 2000-2015 Revd Charles Girdlestone.1826-37
Revd Thomas Swindell,1888-1929 Revd Trevor Kilborn 1940-46 Revd Harold Marley Vicar 1930-1939
Another photo of Vicar Sargeant 1946-57 Hon. Adelbert Anson 1870-76 Revd Stanley Lloyd 1957-70
John Best, 1779-1826