Mary Davenport's album

Mary Davenport's archive collection of photographs from the 1950s onwards including coronation year.

There are 13 photos for this gallery.
1 Mrs Bodenham 1953 2 Mrs Bodenham as Queen Victoria in 1953 3 Mrs Bodenham with Confirmation girls in 1979
4 Confirmation candidates with the Bishop of Dudley 1979 5 New bells at All Saints' 6 Mrs Bodenham and parade lorry,1953
7 Miss Woodcock Brown Owl, Brownies 1950s 8 Vicarage Garden Party 1950s? 9 Sunday School Festival Parade 1950s
10 Three shots of a garden party in the 50s 11 Sunday School Parade 1950s 12 Vicar Sargeant,1950s
13 Father William Sargeant