Bob and Becky Hill's wedding.

The wedding took place on Saturday 25th August 2012 at All Saints'.

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The groom and best man The bridesmaids Becky's Mum Hazel and twin sister Anne
Becky and her Uncle John who gave her away. Becky and bridesmaids The wedding party goes up the aisle.
At the chancel. Uncle John gives Becky away. Taking vows
Bob gives Becky her ring. Becky gives Bob his ring. Tying the knot
Bob and Becky sign the reister Clergy and the couple with the register Chris Williams (Best Man) is a witness.
Uncle John who gave Becky away is a witness and signs the register. The couple kneel at the altar. Married! The couple leave the chancel.
The happy couple leave church. as man and wife. The happy couple The couple, bridesmaids and best man.
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