Reminiscence Cafes and Flower Quizes

Reminiscence Cafes are held on Friday mornings from 11am - 12.30pm. They cover topics from the Sedgley People's Archive. 

Abraham Darby 1, 2 and 3 (first talk) 6/3/20

Sedgley Families and Prominent People 16/8/19

Sedgley Transport 23/8/19

Sedgley Streetscapes and Roads 30/8/19

Sedgley Maps, Plans and Documents 25/10/19

The Magnificent Cox Families of Sedgley Part 1 1/11/19

The Magnificent Cox Families of Sedgley Part 2 1/11/19

Uniformed Organisations 8th November 2019

Upper East Side High Street Shops 15th November 2019

Farms and Land Use 22nd November 2019

Grand Houses and Estates 29th November 2019

Classics at The Clifton 6th December 2019

Sedgley's Post-War Employment



Flower Quiz Spetchley Gardens 9th August 2019

Whitlenge Gardens Flower Quiz 6th September 2019

Tree Quiz 4th October 2019